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State of Addiction in Southeast Florida

Learn about the history, impact and resources for drug and alcohol abuse along the Space Coast, Treasure Coast, Gold Coast, in the Miami Metro and Keys.

Substance Abuse in Florida

Florida has a population of over 21 million residents making it the 3rd most populated state in the US. Over 25% of the population call the Miami metropolitan area home. The ethnic diversity of this high population density area has created an amazing array of communities, vibrant cultural hubs and and incredible span of socio-economic means. This area is also one of the hardest hit by the opioid epidemic and rife with drug trafficking due to miles of coastline.

Addiction Stats in FL

Addiction is a common disease. In 2013, approximately 23 million Americans aged 12 and older needed some kind of treatment for issues related to drug or alcohol use or abuse.1 In addition, about one in four adults in the United States will suffer from some form of mental illness in a given year.2

Substance abuse, addiction, and mental illness are all considered mental and behavioral health issues, and they often occur simultaneously. Between 2009 and 2013, approximately 880,000 Floridians received treatment for any mental illness (AMI), which was only 36.3 percent of those who needed treatment, leaving a further 63.7 percent without treatment that may have helped them during that time.3

There may be several perceived barriers to treatment, from cost to health insurance to just not knowing where and how to get help. Within the state of Florida, there are many different forms of substance abuse, addiction, and mental health treatment options that can be tailored to the specific requirements of each individual. Help is within reach.

Emergency Services

There are many services available to help during a drugs or alcohol crisis in Florida. Floridians have many options for getting help in their state including hotlines, government services, public or private rehabs, and a variety of support groups.

For anyone that is personally suffering with opioid addiction or who has a loved one that is using opioids naloxone (Narcan) is a medication that can reverse opioid overdose and prevent death. We recommend that everyone take the time to learn about how to find and use naloxone. If you, a family member, or someone you live with takes opioids as a prescription or abuses painkillers and/or heroin, please consider accessing naloxone to keep with you in case of emergency. It is much easier to get now than it used to be. We'll show you how to find it.

Substances Timeline

Florida's Drug & Alcohol History

Florida is notorious for its pill mills that have helped fuel the opioid crisis in America but there is a much longer history behind substances and their impact on the Sunshine State and its residents.
Local FAQs

Treatment in Florida

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health (SAMH) program operates within the Florida Department of Children and Families(DCF). It is federally designated as the state authority on substance abuse and mental health, and any issues relating to either or both.The SAMH program helps to treat individuals battling mental illness, addiction, or substance abuse, and it oversees the state system. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) lists 226 substance abuse and mental health facilities around the state.2 In addition to state-funded and public substance abuse programs, there are several private addiction treatment centers to choose from as well.

Getting Help for Substance Abuse

In Florida, there are numerous ways to find help when you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, but understanding these options can often be difficult and overwhelming. Many people have questions about how to get sober, costs associated with rehab, and ongoing support. We are here to help with those questions.

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    Common Questions about Rehab

    Find information about finding the right rehab for addiction treatment. We also offer FAQs about treatment at Recovery First: general questions, patient questions, and family questions.

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    Getting to Recovery First

    Recovery First is a drug & alcohol treatment center in Hollywood, FL, a town between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. We offer a detox and in patient rehab. Learn about admissions and how to get to Recovery First.

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    Paying for Treatment

    One of the first questions people often ask when considering rehab is, "what will it cost?" Starting recovery does not have to be expensive; in many cases, medical insurance will cover some or all of the costs. Learn more about options for paying for rehab and how medical coverage can help cover costs.

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    Coventry Health

    Serving individuals and groups, as well as Medicare and Medicaid recipients, Coventry Health Care offers a wide range of comprehensive healthcare coverage options. Coventry Health Care provides behavioral health care services, which includes substance abuse services and mental health needs, through the MHNet behavioral healthcare company. Services provided through MHNet are confidential. Learn more

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    Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)

    To learn more about your potential coverage, you’ll need to understand the specifics of your Blue Cross / Blue Shield carrier. Although BCBS is known throughout the country, there are actually thirty-nine different companies which operate under the brand name. These companies provide insurance to wide variety of people, and they are all subject to the restrictions and regulations of their specific home states. Learn more

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    As of 2011, Aetna provides mental health and substances abuse coverage as part of standard provisions package for its health insurance offerings but is dependent on your specific plan sponsor. We recommend you check with your particular plan. Learn more about what information you are looking for here.

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    Florida Treatment Guides

    To learn more about alcohol abuse and drug addiction in specific areas of Florida take a look at our city guides: Jacksonville, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, and Hollywood, FL.

Local Events & Education

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We offer a variety of local events, including both in-person and virtual training and support groups.