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Cigna Health Insurance Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Cigna is a large healthcare company that serves organizations all over the world, including in Florida.1 Many Cigna members opt to use their coverage to pay for drug or alcohol rehab at in-network facilities like Recovery First.

This page will answer some questions regarding using Cigna coverage for substance use treatment.

Does Cigna Cover Addiction Treatment?

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Yes. Insurers are required by law to provide some level of coverage for substance use and mental health treatment. The extent of this coverage varies by policy; however, federal parity laws ensure that coverage for treatment of addiction and mental health conditions in a specific health plan must be equal to the coverage provided by that plan for medical or surgical services.2

Find information on how much coverage is provided for substance use treatment by looking in your summary of benefits and coverage (SBC) packet for your Cigna policy or contacting a Cigna representative.

Cigna provides coverage for addiction treatment at Recovery First. You can verify your benefits by filling out the confidential . You’ll need to provide your policy number found on your insurance card.

How to Use Cigna to Pay for Substance Use Treatment

Choosing an in-network facility almost always results in lower out-of-pocket costs, since these providers contract directly with Cigna.3 Many plans may not offer any coverage for out-of-network facilities. Cigna’s member website offers a searchable directory of in-network providers.

The process of using insurance to pay for rehab often varies by policy. For example, some plans may require you to obtain prior authorization or referral from your insurer or a primary care physician (PCP) for treatment, while others may not.4,5 Recovery First admissions navigators at can assist you with this process and ensure your treatment is covered before you begin the rehab admissions process.

The out-of-pocket costs when you use Cigna coverage to pay for rehab will depend on your plan and the type of treatment:

  • Plans may require you to reach an annual deductible before they begin covering costs.6
  • For outpatient treatment, many plans require a copayment (a fixed dollar amount) to be paid at each counseling or therapy session.7 Other plans or treatment types will require you to pay a percentage of the total cost of treatment, which is called a co-insurance percentage.8
  • Each plan has an out-of-pocket limit that, once reached, means Cigna covers 100% of the costs of eligible services for the remainder of the plan year.9

Information regarding your deductible, copayment, co-insurance rate, and out-of-pocket maximum can be found in your SBC packet.10

Which Types of Addiction Treatment are Covered by Cigna?

Cigna offers confidential therapy benefits and provides access to recovery specialists for many of their members. Each policy is different, though benefits often extend to:11

  • Inpatient rehab.
  • Outpatient treatment.
  • Coaching and support programs.
  • Community programs and online services.

Recovery First is within the Cigna care network and provides multiple levels of addiction treatment, as well as a robust aftercare program that facilitates entry into continued care programs if necessary and enables alumni to remain in contact with their peers in recovery.

Why Use Cigna to Pay for Rehab?

Addiction is a devastating chronic illness that affects millions of people.12 In Florida alone:13

  • 7% of people 12 years old or older struggled with past-year addiction to illicit drugs between 2017 and 2019.
  • 2% of Floridians of the same demographic struggled with past-year alcoholism during the same time period.
  • 4,698 people in Florida died from drug overdose in 2018. Of these cases, 68% involved opioids.

Fortunately, substance use disorder (SUD) is treatable, and many people are able to turn their lives around with professional help.12 Sadly, the majority of people who need substance use treatment do not get the help they need—cost being one of the largest obstacles.14 If you have Cigna health insurance, using your plan to cover addiction treatment will save you considerable out-of-pocket costs.

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please reach out to an admissions navigator at . You can also use the HIPAA-compliant online form below to verify your insurance covers treatment at Recovery First.

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