Methadone Detox Track Near Miami

Detox From Methadone in South Florida
Learn about our specialized detox track that can help you discontinue methadone safely and comfortably.
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Individualized Methadone Detox Treatment

If you or someone you care about is ready to detox from methadone, Recovery First Treatment Center offers a treatment track designed to support a smooth withdrawal process.

Medical Detox From Methadone at Recovery First

Exterior of Recovery First Florida rehab facility.

Our clinical team is exceptionally experienced in detoxing individuals who have been on methadone and wish to discontinue their use.

At Recovery First, we are able to successfully detox individuals from methadone in a safe and supervised environment.

When a person arrives at our detox facility in Florida, we conduct a thorough evaluation of their:

  • Physical health.
  • Psychiatric issues.
  • Life situation.

We then commence compassionate and comfortable medically supervised detoxification that does not involve any use of methadone.

Instead, we administer comfort and prescription medications as needed, including the opioid-withdrawal, symptom-relief medication Lucemyra. We may also administer buprenorphine to help ease withdrawal symptoms in some cases.

Our addiction treatment is individualized to optimize a smooth detoxification process that involves not only medical but psychological support.

In groups specially designed for our methadone detox patients, we will discuss topics pertinent to methadone detox, what to expect, and how to cope.

Specialized Group Sessions

To best support individuals during their methadone detox, we conduct 2 group sessions designed specifically for them:

Benefits of Our Methadone Detox Track

The clinical team at Recovery First has seen the following benefits when detoxing from methadone without the use of methadone:

  • It facilitates an individual’s separation from methadone smoothly and more quickly than if methadone is used in the process.
  • The individual is able to engage sooner in the full recovery process with less discomfort and a clearer mind.

FAQs About Methadone Detox

therapist talking with patient

Who Can Attend?

Recovery First welcomes anyone who is currently on methadone and wants to get off it. We do require patients to be medically stable and that they understand no methadone will be used during detox.

We also ask that patients be motivated and understanding that the first few days may be difficult.

How Long Is Methadone Detox?

How long methadone detox takes will vary from person to person. The detox timeframe depends on the dose of methadone a person has been taking, how long they have been on methadone, and other individual factors.

What Happens After Detoxing From Methadone?

When a person completes detox from methadone, they will continue addiction treatment as recommended within the standard clinical program.

Depending on the person’s preference and medical needs, they may continue with another medication for addiction treatment (MAT) such as Suboxone, or they may choose not to take any opioid use disorder medications.

Getting Admitted to the Methadone Detox Track

front desk of recovery first rehab in florida

Recovery First makes it easy to get admitted to the methadone detox program. Our admissions navigators are available 24/7 to walk you through the rehab admissions process and answer any questions you may have.

To speak with a caring admissions navigator now, call .

If you have health insurance, using insurance coverage for rehab can help ease the burden of paying for addiction treatment. Our facility is in-network with several major insurance providers.

You can instantly .

Take a Look Inside Our Florida Rehab

Recovery First Exterior

Recovery First Treatment Center is an alcohol and drug rehab near Miami, FL. We pride ourselves on delivering life-changing clinical programming. Our small group sizes provide each person with ample individual care.

Supervised Medical Detox by Expert Clinicians

Our clinical team understands the challenges a methadone detox can present. Recovery First’s team of caring doctors and nurses has years of experience working with individuals struggling with substance dependence and addiction.
  • Around the Clock Support

    During medical detox from methadone, compassionate medical professionals provide exceptional care 24/7.

  • Personalized Treatment

    Recovery First tailors treatment to each person to ensure their individual needs are met and they are as comfortable as possible during methadone detox.

  • Continued Help Beyond Detox

    Our care team is here for you through detox from methadone and beyond. We offer several levels of addiction treatment to support you at every stage of your recovery.

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