The Importance of Addiction Treatment for Pregnant Women

Addiction treatment is life or death concern for pregnant mothers and their unborn children. Drinking and drug use can cause permanent harm to infants, and the rigors of pregnancy can make addiction an even more unbearable disease. It is also important that women get the help they need to be responsible, drug-free parents. Overall, pregnant addicts need to understand the harm drugs can cause to them and their babies – as well as the best ways to get treatment.

Potential Prenatal Harm

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, any alcohol or drugs which women use during pregnancy will reach their babies in the same concentrations. However, fetal livers are not nearly as able as adult livers to metabolize these toxic substances. Unborn children may thus be at even greater risks of physical harm than their drug-using mothers. The effects these children may experience include:

*Low birth weight
*Minor cognitive impairment
*Mental retardation
*Social development disorders
*Learning disabilities

The Dangers of Detox

Detox is often painful for addicts, but it can be extremely dangerous for pregnant mothers. With the stressful combination of pregnancy and drug addiction, their health is often severely compromised. This is especially true for mothers addicted to heroin and other opiates – drugs which are known to cause deadly withdrawal symptoms such as seizures and heart attacks. It is crucial that pregnant women undergo detox under the care of doctors who can administer life-saving medications if necessary – for them and their babies.

Also, infants born to drug-using mothers often require detox sessions of their own. Since drugs consumed by mothers make their way into babies’ bloodstreams, their newborns may already be addicted. Signs of neonatal withdrawal include lack of sleep, sweating, difficulty feeding, and jerky movements. Without proper medical care during detox, these problems can threaten babies’ developments for the rests of their lives.

Parenting and Addiction

Even if addicted women give birth to healthy babies, their parenting abilities are still highly compromised. Drug rehab can help them manage their cravings and focus on their children. It can also help them address the underlying causes of their drug habits, as well as any co-occurring mental illnesses they may have – problems which threaten their abilities to provide love, care, and adequate attention to their newborns. Addict mothers will still experience cravings throughout their lives, but the right treatments can help them raise healthy children and live happy lives of their own.

Special Programs for Women

Thankfully, there are a variety of rehab clinics and treatment programs designed specifically for women. Some of them offer counseling sessions for addicted single mothers who have been the victims of domestic abuse. Many of these clinics also offer obstetric treatments and daycare services for mothers who give birth while they undergo inpatient therapy.

For mothers who can’t afford rehab, there are a variety of payment options and low-cost clinics. Most insurance companies now include certain rehab facilities in their provider networks. State and city governments also run free clinics which offer both inpatient and outpatient services. These alternatives aren’t as ideal as attending women-only private clinics, but they are far better than continuing drug use during pregnancy.

Even if your drug problem has utterly consumed your life, you still have hope for recovery. Call the number above now for a free, no-obligation consultation. Let us set you up with a personalized drug rehab program that can have you back on your feet and enjoying the life you deserve.

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