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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Covered by First Health Insurance

First Health is one of the nation’s largest national insurance networks and a subsidiary of Aetna. The company operates in the state of Florida, providing Floridians with access to a variety of healthcare services, including drug and alcohol rehab.

Recovery First Treatment Center in Hollywood, FL, is in-network with First Health. This means that if you’re struggling with addiction and have a First Health plan, you may be able to receive full or partial insurance coverage for your rehab costs at Recovery First.

Read on to learn more about using your health insurance to pay for addiction treatment and the path to recovery.

Does First Health Insurance Cover Addiction Treatment?

Female receptionist in blue medical scrubs talking on the phone with a headset and typing into a computerWhile exact coverage details will vary from plan to plan, there are a handful of services that all Marketplace insurance plans must cover per the Affordable Care Act. These essential health benefits include addiction treatment. So, if you purchased your First Health or other insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplace, it’s likely that treatment for substance use disorders is covered in some capacity.1

The extent to which treatments are covered may fluctuate based on the plan you have, where you live, and where you get treatment. Most First Health plans are preferred provider organization (PPO) plans, meaning there’s a network of preferred doctors, clinics, and hospitals through which you can seek care.2,3 These preferred providers are often covered at a higher percentage than those outside of the network.

In some cases, coverage may extend out-of-state. For example, if you live in Georgia but want to attend rehab in Florida, it’s possible your First Health plan will offer coverage for that provider, but it depends on your plan’s network and specific policy.

At Recovery First, our admissions navigators can help you with the insurance process, so you don’t have to figure it out alone. To get started, complete . We will email you right back with important details about your benefits and next steps to getting the care you need.

Using First Health Insurance to Pay for Substance Abuse Treatment

If you’re seeking treatment for substance abuse, it’s usually going to be more cost-effective to use your First Health insurance plan, especially if the provider is in-network. The good news is that because First Health is a PPO, you typically do not need a referral to enter drug or alcohol rehab.4

Upon arriving at a facility, you may be responsible for a copayment at the point of service.5 After that, your insurance and the facility will manage medical claims and bill you for any remaining costs.

To find out more about treatment for substance use disorders through First Health, you have a few options:

  • Call the number on the back of your insurance card to speak to a First Health representative.
  • Log on to your member portal to view your summary of benefits and coverage.
  • Contact the facility where you’d like to receive care and talk to a staff member.

Admissions navigators at Recovery First know insurance can be complicated, and that’s why we’re here to help. Call us today at to speak to a live person and get immediate answers to all your insurance questions and more.

Cost of Addiction Treatment With First Health

The cost of treatment will vary depending on the plan you have, treatment you need, and place you get care. In some cases, you may owe additional costs based on your policy, deductible, and other cost-sharing requirements, such as coinsurance and out-of-pocket maximums.6-8

If you happen to owe fees outside of what your insurance covers, most quality rehab programs, like Recovery First, offer specifical financing and other payment options. We understand that cost is often a barrier to treatment, but it’s our mission to support those who want to start the path to recovery, regardless of their financial status.

To see what your costs might be, fill out the form below. We’ll email you a response within minutes, confirming whether Recovery First is an in-network provider under your plan and detailing next steps in the admissions process.

Addiction is a complex, but treatable disease.9 There is hope, and we can help. One of the first steps is learning what your options are. Complete the two-step form below or call us at to get started today.

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