(Not) Home for the Holidays: Celebrating in Treatment

When the time comes to enter a residential treatment program for addiction, there are several things that can go through the minds of those who need help. What they may not consider at first, however, is what the holidays will be like if they are still receiving care during that time.

The holidays are notoriously challenging for those who are in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction, and for a number of very real and valid reasons. The holiday season can dredge up difficult memories and the many emotions attached to them, as well as emphasize the struggles someone in treatment or recovery is currently experiencing. It is not uncommon for people to run the gamut of emotions from Thanksgiving to Christmas and through into the New Year, many of which can make this time of year more challenging mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

At Recovery First, we understand the importance the holiday season holds for each and every patient, which is why we put our knowledge and experience to good use to ensure that everyone feels extra supported during this time.

Spending the Holidays in Treatment 

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We understand that most patients would likely rather be home with their families or loved ones during the holidays instead of being in rehab – and we don’t blame them. However, we also know that continuity of care is vital for those recovering from substance use disorders. Remaining on a path of uncontrollable substance misuse often leads to much devastation and destruction, which is far more costly than being in treatment for the holidays.

Our team establishes a variety of activities, programs, and events that patients and their families can participate in together during Thanksgiving and Christmas. We also enjoy bringing families and loved ones together for Halloween, where we hold pumpkin decorating contests and costume contests, as well as activities such as cookie decorating and games. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we plan on providing patients with the same thoughtful, warm, and fulfilling environment as we always have for holidays past.

Thanksgiving Therapeutics

Patients and staff alike regularly practice the art of gratitude on a daily basis; however we place further emphasis on it at Thanksgiving. We encourage patients to consider their sobriety a gift to give their families and loved ones for the holidays and invite them to collectively reflect on the things they are grateful for. Additionally, we work with patients and families to give them quality time to spend with one another so they can connect and continue moving forward in their recovery as a family unit.

We are also aware that some patients have more difficulty at Thanksgiving than others. Therefore, our therapeutic team is prepared to help process the feelings surrounding the holiday, including addressing feelings of grief and loss, which tend to heighten during this time.

Holiday Fun with Recovery First

We want our patients to know that while we are here to meet and exceed their mental, emotional, and psychological needs, we are also here to help make the holidays feel as special as possible. Our team loves getting in on the Thanksgiving Day fun with patients and their loved ones by doing such things such as barbecuing, playing games, watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade or a football game, and, of course, sitting down and sharing a delicious Thanksgiving dinner. We hope that when the day is over, everyone who participated feels loved and respected, as well as aware of how much their hard work in treatment is acknowledged and applauded.

If you or someone you love needs help for substance misuse or addiction, do not let anything stand in the way of reaching out to our inpatient rehab in Hollywood, FL. Our experienced and compassionate admissions navigators can get you started on the admissions process, bringing you one step closer to a second chance at life. Call us right now at .

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