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What To Do When You Finish Addiction Treatment 

Too often, we tend to think of sobriety as simply an achievement and not a life-long commitment. Many people require detox and rehabilitation treatment to withdraw safely and learn the skills…

After Rehab

When Your Loved One Leaves Recovery First

What Is the Discharge Process? We know how anxious you will be for your loved one to return home. We are here to work with you during this life-changing moment….

Aftercare: Coping Skills for Addiction Treatment

Recovering from an addiction disorder is a long process – often a lifelong one. Many experts regard addiction as something that can’t be cured; rather, it is considered to be…


Aftercare at Recovery First West Our Aftercare Program Transition from treatment to aftercare can seem daunting for the client just completing an addiction program. Aftercare and transition planning is a…

Drug Addiction Aftercare & Alumni Program

When you’re nearing the end of your treatment with us, your case manager will begin to talk about your discharge plan. Having a clear path defined for you before you…