Avoiding Sex-Related Relapse after Florida Drug Treatment

Sex-related relapse is one of the most common problems for people who attend Florida drug treatment. Sex and drugs affect the brain in similar ways, and FL drug rehab patients are often susceptible to addictive behaviors in their romantic lives. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways addicts can mitigate these problems at their clinics and on their own. People who are planning to attend Florida drug treatment need to understand how their sexual behaviors can affect their recoveries – and what they can do to prevent relapse.

The Danger of New Obsessions

When addicts actively use drugs, getting high becomes an integral part of their lives. Once they stop, they can easily feel “empty” without that familiar and stress-relieving activity. This feeling unfortunately leads many rehab patients to develop new addictive behaviors. Some become hooked on food or alcohol, and others become addicted to romance and sex. They may form unhealthy relationships with blurry or nonexistent boundaries. They may also become extremely promiscuous as they constantly attempt to experience the “release” they used to get from drugs.

In the long run, these behaviors will almost inevitably lead to relapse. People who begin dating immediately after Florida drug treatment are prone to extreme depression when their new relationships fail – a powerful catalyst for drug abuse. Addicts who become promiscuous also tend to feel massive guilt and shame, and they can easily fall back into cycles of self-medication. While some people can handle romance after rehab, it’s best for many to focus on themselves before dating again.

Sex, Drugs, and Reward Pathways

Drugs and sex both have enormous effects on the brains’ production of dopamine, serotonin, and other feel-good hormones. However, most drugs produce far greater sensations than people can achieve through sex or other pleasurable activities. This is part of the reason why people become addicted, but it also explains why sex can lead to relapse. People who struggle with drug cravings may use sex in an addictive way to try to replicate the feelings they used to get from drugs. When they are ultimately unable to achieve the same sensations, they return to substance abuse to get the releases they so desperately crave. As with all other activities, rehab patients need to guard against inherently addictive behaviors in their sex lives.

Combining Sex and Drug Use

Many people combine sex with drugs before they ever go to rehab. Couples may share the same addiction, but others will look for sexual partners in clubs, bars, and other places where drinking and drug use are encouraged. Unfortunately, these practices can cause any sexual behavior to become a powerful trigger for recovering addicts. The association between sex and drug use can be mitigated over time, but people who complete addiction treatment will often need to take time off from dating before they’re ready to have healthy romantic lives.

Battling Sex Addiction

In some cases, drug abusers will also become addicted to the act of sex itself. Since it stimulates the brain’s dopamine pathways, people can form “tolerances” to their normal sex lives which compel them to act selfishly and dangerously. Addicts often lead secret lives to constantly cheat on their partners and seek new and unusual sexual experiences. These habits don’t come without remorse, however, and guilt-ridden sex addicts are known to develop crippling drug dependencies to cope with depression.Integrated Care for Simultaneous Addictions

Fortunately, many drug rehab clinics offer simultaneous treatments for sex addiction and other co-occurring disorders. Since mitigating the effects of these disorders is so important, addiction counselors are trained to identify them. Patients can undergo counseling for drug addiction, sex addiction, depression, and a host of other problems – all in the same facilities.

If you’re struggling with drug addiction and other dependencies, you need to get help as soon as possible. Call the number above for a toll-free consultation with one of our dedicated counselors. We’ll help you take the first steps on the road to recovery with a proven Florida drug treatment program.

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