Surviving the Holidays

November and December are the best months of the year! Most people are celebrating with friends and family or business associates. For others, this can be a holiday season filled with anxiety. Temptation from the endless party can be hard to escape.

Reflecting on the loss of a loved one, dwelling on failures or stress created by family gatherings can take a toll. People will be splurging on excessive quantities of food, drinks and drugs. For a recovering addict, these can be trying times and often lead to feelings of loneliness and isolationism. The temptation for relapse can be accompanied by feelings of sadness or dwelling on disappointments.

Here are some tips for surviving the Holidays:

  • You Are Strong Enough To Survive The Holidays! January 1st is more than a date; it is your badge of courage.
  • Turn Down Events. If an event is going to have alcohol or drugs, do not attend.  If you have to attend a business function make sure you go with someone who is supportive and shares your desire to stay sober.
  • Stick with Your Support Group. You can have a great time this holiday season! Surround yourself with friends and family who support your sober lifestyle choices.
  • Go To More Meetings. Going to drug or alcohol addiction meetings are always available. There is safety in numbers. Verbalizing your feelings with others is therapeutic and can build camaraderie and support.
  • Call, E-mail or Visit Your Sponsor. Contact your sponsor and communicate and let them know that you are facing challenges and difficult times and need help.
  • Call A Treatment Center. Call your local treatment center or schedule a trip to an out of state facility that can arrange a safe and supportive environment until the holidays are over.

If you feel you are about to suffer from a drug relapse or alcohol relapse, do not hesitate to call us right away.

Holiday Drug and Alcohol Relapse Hotline 1-800-706-9190


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