11 Sober Habits After Drug Rehab

11 Sober Habits After Drug RehabHere are eleven things you can do to increase your chance of a successful recovery. Sobriety is a challenge but these tips will give you an edge for long lasting drug or alcohol recovery after rehab:

  1. Clean House – Audit your friends list and get rid of bad influences. Remove those from your life who are negative or bring trouble.
  2. Exercise regularly – Exercise is critical for the mind and body. Not only is it good for you, but it is a terrific way to blow off steam and decompress.
  3. Sleep – Getting at least 8 hours of sleep is important. Getting enough sleep is also required for your immune system to operate effectively.
  4. Eat Properly – Avoid caffeine and sugars. Do not eat anything packaged and start cooking your own foods using farm fresh ingredients.
  5. Look Good – Feel Good. Studies have shown when you take pride in your appearance it boosts your confidence and performance.
  6. Get Outside – You can learn a lot from nature. Get outside and start running, hiking, swimming or walking. Stop and observe all nature has to offer.
  7. Network – Join clubs and groups that you enjoy. Computer Clubs, Golf Clubs, Reading Clubs and Hobby Clubs are a great way to meet new people and keep your mind off things.
  8. Think and Reflect – Take a few minutes before the day begins to meditate or concentrate on self improvement and dealing with things that have been stressing you out.
  9. Surround Yourself – Circle the wagons and surround yourself with friends and loved ones. Share ideas and share whats on your mind.
  10. Make peace with the past – Forgive yourself and others. Learn to forgive and let go of failures.
  11. Take Responsibility – Stand up for yourself and take accountability for your actions. Face your fears and get out of your comfort zone.

Following these guidelines, once out of drug rehab, will put you on the fast track to a successful recovery. At Recovery First, all of our clients are educated and provided with coping mechanisms prior to leaving drug rehab or alcohol rehab.

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