Enrolling Your Loved One in a Drug Rehab Center in Florida

Attending a drug rehab center in Florida is one of the best ways for addicts to get clean, but they often fail to seek treatment themselves. The actions of friends and family members are sometimes necessary to get them to finally go to a FL drug treatment center. However, addicts’ loved ones must make several important considerations about the clinics and treatment programs they choose. If you’re considering enrolling a friend or relative in a drug rehab center in Florida, you need to know how to choose a clinic – and how you should encourage them to attend.

Choosing the Right Clinic

People who seek addiction treatment on behalf of their loved ones need to know how to choose the right drug rehab center in Florida. The first thing to look for is accreditation. Reputable rehab facilities will typically carry the approval of state health and family care boards. They are also nationally recognized by a health advisory board called the Joint Commission. A variety of clinics carry these accreditations, but they all use proven, evidence-based therapies which have been shown to help addicts stay clean in the long term.

Loved ones may also need to look for special services to meet addicts’ unique needs. For instance, people addicted to opiates and alcohol will often need specialized detox methods. Some clinics offer medical treatment with methadone or Suboxone – drugs designed to gradually reduce chemical dependencies. Other facilities will use rapid detox drugs to mitigate the dangerous consequences of opiate withdrawal. Pregnant addicts and their newborns will typically require specialized detox services, as well.

Additionally, many addicts will need specialized counseling for a variety of co-occurring disorders. Treating addiction and mental illness at the same time is typically referred to as “integrated treatment” – an important service which isn’t offered at every clinic. Integrated treatment is a near-necessity for people with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and other mental disturbances. Drug abusers with simultaneous addictions to food or sex may also require special counseling services. Without these treatments, people with co-occurring disorders are far more likely to relapse.

Leaving Home for Treatment

An out-of-state drug rehab center in Florida may be the best option for addicts who face temptations and triggers in their home environments. This isn’t such a practical option for outpatient care, but people who attend residential inpatient treatment outside their home states often find it easier to relax and focus on their recoveries. The downside to travelling for rehab is that it is difficult for friends or family members to participate in therapy.

Staging an Intervention

Interventions are necessary for some addicts to finally get help – even when their loved ones have already made all of the arrangements and payments for treatment. Most people should get help from trained interventionists who can facilitate discussions and ease unproductive tensions. It’s also crucial that the people in attendance show genuine love and respect for addicts, but disdain for their behaviors and drug habits. Finally, even successful interventions may not produce immediate results. It sometimes takes weeks for addicts to make the decision to go to rehab.

Don’t Blame Yourself

Some addicts won’t get help until they hit new low points in their lives. Others will unfortunately never go to rehab. While friends and relatives can provide invaluable support, they shouldn’t blame themselves if their addicted loved ones refuse treatment. Addiction is a not a matter of willpower, but it is ultimately up to addicts themselves to admit to their problems and get the help they need.

If you or a loved one is suffering with an alcohol or drug problem, don’t hesitate to get help. Addiction is a life-consuming disease, and you have the best chances of recovery if you act as quickly as possible. Call the number above now for a free consultation with one of our trained addiction counselors. They can help you find the perfect treatment program at a drug rehab center in Florida.

The Price of Not Getting Help
When contemplating the costs of addiction treatment for yourself, child, or loved one, consider the costs, or consequences, of “things as they are now.” What would happen if the substance abuse or addiction continued? Contact Recovery First, and we will help you or your loved one get the treatment needed to stop the dangerous, progressive effects of addiction.