The Benefits of Going to Recovery First Treatment Center

There are many amazing drug and alcohol rehab treatment centers around the country. Choosing the one that is the best fit depends on several different variables. Other than ensuring the facility has licensed physicians, certified staff, and is accredited, individuals should consider factors that are specific to their needs.

At Recovery First Treatment Center, an American Addiction Centers’ facility, we provide individuals with all of the above, as well as specific benefits that the patients need to increase the efficacy of their recovery process.

Recovery First offers both addiction treatment and treatment for co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety or depression. The treatment center even offers different levels of care, such as medical detox, partial hospitalization program, residential treatment, and an intensive outpatient program. Contingent on their physician’s assessment, the customized treatment plan, psychological and medical evaluations, individuals are well cared for at Recovery.

The facility itself offers outdoor recreational activities, indoor recreational activities, gym/fitness center, and even mindfulness spaces.

Even though treatment is to be taken seriously and is there to help individuals get on the road to recovery, it’s nice to be able have a good user-experience.

Depending on the treatment program, there may be time to venture outside of the facility to enjoy all that Hollywood, Florida has to offer. Treatment is a great opportunity to focus on one’s self and to take in new experiences when possible.

If you’re traveling in from out of state, take advantage of the vacation-destination that Florida is known for. Heading off to treatment doesn’t have to be something to be ashamed of or to dread, but rather treat it as a means to not only heal and recover, but to build yourself up by doing activities that are healthy, rejuvenating, and fun.

A simple change in scenery can work wonders for the mind! Additionally, not being surrounded by people that you’ve used drugs or alcohol with and not being in an environment that has drugs or alcohol can give you the opportunity to have space to focus on you, sobriety, and healing.

Hollywood is home to beautiful beaches—seven miles worth! And if water just isn’t your thing, you have easy access to 60 parks and seven golf courses in the city.

Of course, always make sure to check in with a physician or another healthcare professional leading your treatment program. However, once it’s cleared with them, go back to the basics of simply enjoying what life has to offer—in a healthy way!

And if a loved one has traveled with you, this may be a perfect opportunity for them to enjoy themselves for a few days if they happen to have been the one to have brought you to treatment.

On the other hand, if Hollywood, Florida happens to be your home, consider venturing to places that you’ve never been before while in treatment.

Have new experiences, despite being in a familiar city. There’s always something new to discover. Just take the time to look.

And Recovery First Treatment Center will be right there every step of the way!

Your future is waiting for you.
Traveling for healthcare & essential services is permitted across the US. Addiction treatment is essential, and we are here for our patients in this difficult time. Recovery First is taking every precaution to ensure patient and staff safety. We are able to test incoming & current patients to ensure peace of mind and focus on addiction treatment.