New CEO Visits Recovery First

In March of 2022, staff at Recovery First Treatment Center excitedly welcomed a visit from the new CEO of its parent company, American Addiction Centers (AAC).

The incoming CEO, Tom Britton, brings to AAC not only the expertise that comes with a wealth of industry experience but also the empathy for our patients that stems from the fact that he personally struggled with addiction as a younger man and found recovery many years ago.

Britton recalls going through his own experiences with addiction and the gratitude he felt when someone reached out their hand to offer him the help he needed to find recovery. Since then, he has been working tirelessly toward his mission of helping those who faced similar struggles and need professional help to turn their lives around.

After finding recovery himself, Dr. Britton began working toward earning master’s degrees in marriage and family therapy and addiction counseling. Once he’d earned both degrees, he went on to earn a doctorate in public health.

Dr. Britton’s clinical experience includes working on the frontlines with patients who suffer from trauma, addiction, and mental illness. Britton’s passion for treating patients in need led him to eventually run his own residential addiction treatment facility and then to move on to serve as the president & CEO of Gateway Foundation, a leading non-profit care provider treating more than 8,000 patients struggling with addiction each day.

At Recovery First, we are thrilled to welcome someone with as much clinical experience and passion as Dr. Britton brings and to highlight for him our treatment programs, our facility’s features and our specialized programs, such as our tracks for veterans and licensed health professionals.

We are certain that, as our CEO, Denise O’Connell and the rest of the staff at Recovery First, works alongside Dr. Britton, we will continue to improve our renowned addiction treatment program and take it to new levels.

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