Behavioral Health Coverage Under ComPsych Insurance for Rehab

For addicts and those suffering from other mental health ailments, it is often very difficult to find true health insurance coverage that meets your rehabilitation and detoxification needs. However, ComPsych insurance for rehab is comprehensive and designed specifically to get you on the road to recovery quickly so you can return to your life. Still, there are many questions that need to be answered. Here are a few major points to consider while you research ComPsych insurance plans.

What Coverage Options Are Available?

ComPsych has created a managed behavioral health program that can be tailor specifically to your needs. For example, if you’re just beginning your rehab or detox, you will need access to different facilities and specialists than you’ll need when you’re nearing the end of your journey.

Since ComPsych focuses on the professional marketplace, many of their products are geared toward getting people back to work. Disability Assist is a great example of this. It’s a program designed toward using ComPsych’s work-life resources and behavioral health therapies to expedite recovery times. Programs like this are ideal for heads of households undergoing therapy or if your income is a major source of revenue for your family and you will be spending time in a rehabilitation center.

How Customizable Are These Plans?

ComPsych insurance for rehab is created individually on a “built-to-suit” basis. The Employee Assistance Program, for example, can help you get counseling and referrals to suit the needs of you and your family. To find out how specific your plan is, talk to your employer. ComPsych works closely with the employer to craft the boundaries of these health plans.

What Types of Addiction Are Covered?

All types that fall within the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 are covered. This act made it illegal for insurers to restrict behavioral coverage more than common medical and surgical coverage, such as for broken limbs or viruses. Because of this Act, as long as your employer has not claimed exemption for a number of reasons, you will have access to behavioral therapy coverage.

Moreover, ComPsych’s philosophy hinges on the fact that behavioral therapy is a workplace necessity. Chances are good if your employer provides ComPsych’s insurance coverage, than you will be covered for most any treatment options you seek. However, if your employer is a small business, fully funds its own insurance, or a number of other scenarios, you could technically be without therapeutic coverage for mental rehabilitation. Talk to your employer to find out more.

Post-Rehab Features

ComPsych features many packages that appeal to the recovering addict. From childcare, education and even legal advice, ComPsych is committed to giving insurance that covers all aspects of a person’s life.

Still, there are many complicated decisions to make before you decide what’s perfect for you and your family as you begin your recovery. In order to get as much help as you can, fill out the simple form below to get more information about ComPsych insurance for rehab and detox programs.

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