Going Out of State for Inpatient Drug Rehab

Successful inpatient drug rehab clinics exist throughout the country, but many addicts choose to get treatment out of state. Inpatient drug treatment centers in new locations provide a variety of benefits which people may not be able to experience at home. Staying in familiar places can also cause too many temptations for people struggling to stay drug-free. Overall, addicts considering inpatient drug rehab should carefully weigh the pros and cons of out-of-state treatment before choosing their clinics.

Maintaining Your Reputation

Despite the alarming rates of substance in the United States, addiction and rehab are still highly stigmatized. Many potential patients fear the social repercussions they would experience if their friends, co-workers, and even family members found out about their drug problems. Since most rehab clinics are completely confidential, those who have such concerns can get treatment out of state without anyone knowing. When they return home, they can simply tell curious people that they’ve been on vacation or a business trip.

Sobriety-Friendly Environments

Some people may simply want to leave their normal surroundings. Just as vacations are refreshing for business people, attending inpatient drug rehab in a different state can allow addicts to completely escape the stressors of their daily lives. This can help them stay in the positive frames of mind necessary to successfully engage their therapies and control their drug cravings.

In addition, familiar environments can be dangerous for addicts who are trying to completely change their lives. Even if they reside full-time at clinics in their home states, they may face constant triggers – reminders of drug use which compel them to get high. Some addicts may even want to get away from their friends and family while they work on bettering themselves.

Finally, some clinics are located in peaceful environments which provide the perfect atmosphere for addiction recovery. Drug rehab clinics in Florida provide access to beautiful beaches, while rehab centers in Colorado may be placed amidst mountains and serene valleys. These natural wonders aren’t essential for recovery, but they often help.

Seeking Special Treatment Options

Evidence-based counseling services are the backbone of most rehab programs, but some patients need special services which aren’t offered everywhere. For example, there are a few clinics which cater specifically to pregnant women with obstetric care, daycare, and domestic abuse counseling. Other facilities are designed specifically for teens or elderly people.

The Downsides

Going Out of State for Inpatient Drug RehabThere are still several downsides to out of state drug treatment. People who leave home for inpatient drug rehab may not be able to see their family members for months. If they live with spouses, children, or parents, this will mean that they won’t be able to participate in helpful family counseling sessions. As refreshing as new environments can be, it can also be difficult to avoid relapse while transitioning back into normal life at home. Finally, going out of state will often be more expensive. Many insurance companies can’t operate across state lines, and their provider networks will probably only include in-state clinics.

Whether you want to get addiction treatment in-state or out of state, there is a plan that’s right for you. Call (954) 526-5776 for a confidential consultation now, and let us get you started on a drug rehab program as soon as possible.

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The Price of Not Getting Help
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