Joy & Love to Spare at Recovery First’s Alumni Bowling Event

I am thrilled to share a heartwarming report from our recent bowling event for Recovery First, an evening that was nothing short of magical, filled with excitement, love, and camaraderie.

From the moment I walked into Bowlero Davie, the air was electric with anticipation. Our cherished alumni had gathered, and it was as if you could reach out and feel the love and positive energy that enveloped the atmosphere. Notably, Denise and her husband, Mel, along with Andy, Marie, Sarge (Alexis), Kim, and others were there to represent our dedicated staff. Their presence alone spoke volumes about the exceptional bond that exists between our team and our alumni.

The turnout was remarkable, with approximately 60 attendees joining us throughout the night. In fact, we had to take two group pictures to make sure everyone was included. The spirit of unity and fun was so infectious that I couldn’t resist extending our bowling time by an additional 30 minutes. Laughter and smiles were abundant, to the point where my cheeks hurt from grinning.

One of the most heartwarming aspects of the event was that our alumni didn’t come alone. They brought their loved ones, turning the event into a true family affair. Witnessing our alumni participating and thoroughly enjoying themselves was a testament to Recovery First’s positive impact on their lives. I had the privilege of hearing story after story of how Recovery First had saved lives. It was heartening to learn that despite being a smaller facility, the care and dedication demonstrated by our staff sets us apart and makes us stand out in the eyes of our alumni.

This event was a beautiful reminder of the bonds we’ve formed, the transformations we’ve witnessed, and the enduring sense of community that thrives at Recovery First. It’s moments like these that reaffirm the significance of the work we do and the profound connections we build with our alumni.

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