Is Outpatient Drug Rehab the Right Choice for You?

Outpatient drug rehab is one of the best ways for addicts and alcoholics to achieve lasting sobriety. Clinical rehab is an essential part of addiction recovery, but not everyone can dedicate months of their lives to longer-term inpatient drug treatment programs. Outpatient treatment allows addicts to attend a few hours of therapy per day and use the rest of their time to maintain their families and careers. However, not all addicts can handle such high degrees of freedom, independence, and personal responsibility. If you are considering outpatient treatment for your substance abuse or alcohol problems, the following are a few questions you should ask yourself:

How severe is Your Addiction?

The severity of your addiction should be your foremost concern when you seek clinical rehabilitation. If you have already undergone inpatient treatment and have suffered only a short relapse, then outpatient treatment is likely your best option. Likewise, if you have been using less-addictive substances such as marijuana or other hallucinogens, then a few hours of daily therapy may be sufficient for your needs.

If you suffer from a severe physical dependency, however, you will likely need a more involved treatment program. People addicted to opiates, amphetamines, and other dangerous drugs must undergo detoxification before they can productively engage their therapies. Even after detox, they typically require extended treatment and close supervision before they can avoid drug use in the outside world. If you cannot endure even one day without getting high, then outpatient treatment is not for you.

How Much Time do You Have?

Inpatient treatment is the most effective method for producing lasting lifestyle changes in rehab patients. However, it also requires one to three months of undivided attention, as inpatients must live full-time at their treatment facilities. If you have a high-powered career, young children, or elderly family members to care for, you may not be able to spare so much of your time. While outpatient treatment does not produce the same drastic effects, it may be the only option that fits with your schedule.

What are Your Other Obligations?

Even an outpatient drug rehab program seems like your only viable option, you need to think hard about your other obligations and priorities. For instance, you may worry that taking time off for an inpatient stay will jeopardize your career. However, you may not be able to perform well at your job at all if you don’t seek proper treatment and regain full control of your mental faculties.

You may also worry that your family will not be able to handle life without you if you attend an inpatient program. While it would be difficult to take time away from your children, spouse, or other relatives, a large amount of therapy may be necessary for you to properly care for them in the long run.

Ultimately, you must think about what is truly important to you and your loved ones. You must also think long-term and determine whether an outpatient program will truly be sufficient for changing your addictive behaviors. More involved treatment options may require greater sacrifice, but these sacrifices are well worth the rewards of lasting sobriety.

Whatever your situations is, if you have a drug or alcohol problem you need to take action right now – continuing down the road you’re on will only lead to disaster. Change your future by picking up the phone and calling the number at the top of your screen. Our drug rehab experts are ready to help 24 hours per day, regardless of where you live. The call is confidential and at no obligation to you, so you have nothing to lose. Nothing, that is, except an addiction that is destroying your life. Do something about it right now – it’s as simple as a phone call.