What Happens when Drug Treatment is Interrupted

What Happens when Drug Treatment is Interrupted Even the most effective drug treatment programs can unfortunately get interrupted for a variety of reasons. It can be interrupted by a relapse, the patient suddenly refusing to participate or the patient breaking the rules and getting thrown out of treatment. If not adequately taken care of, there could also be an interruption of finances which can abort treatment. Consequences could be severe, so understanding what happens when a treatment program is interrupted is critical if you or someone you love needs treatment for drugs or alcohol.

There could be several consequences for an interrupted drug treatment program. They can include charges if a criminal act was committed that caused the patient to be kicked out of the program. If the treatment was paid for but not completed, there could be financial consequences that include collection activity and possible credit issues. However, the ultimate consequence is that the addiction will probably worsen which could lead to severe problems. The need for treatment does not disappear if the program ceases before being completed.

Without the counseling (which may be the part that gets the short shrift) that the addict needs to receive to treat the root cause of the substance abuse, there is a strong likelihood of relapse. If that happens, the consequences could continue to mount. Job loss might be a real possibility, for example. In some cases, the employer makes an agreement with the employee for him/her to complete the drug treatment program. If not completed, it could result in terminate of employment. Also, being back on the streets without experiencing the full treatment could be fertile ground for a relapse. Failure to control the long term cravings could ultimately result in a poor work performance eventually resulting in not being able to earn a living—a disaster for anyone.

What happens to the money that has been spent for an incomplete treatment? Treatment can cost thousands of dollars. If that was paid for with insurance money, the insurer may refuse to cover any treatment attempted down the road. If the patient paid for it out of personal resources or through a loan, throwing that kind of money away with no results can mean digging out of a financial hole for a long time.

Interrupting a program can also create a lack of confidence or self-worth in the addict. This might be true if the patient really had to work hard to get in the treatment in the first place. If it took everything the patient had to admit, sign up and begin the treatment only to see it end in failure, it could be a devastating blow. It might be seen as just a continuation of lifelong destructive patterns. On the other hand, staying with a drug treatment program can go a long way toward bolstering confidence and self-esteem.

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