Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Insurance for Inpatient Rehab

Blue Cross / Blue Shield PPO insurance for rehab is one of the best ways to pay for inpatient treatment – the most intense and effective way for addicts to get clean. However, filing insurance claims can get extremely complicated. Getting coverage is especially hard for alcoholics and drug addicts, since insurance companies and healthcare providers don’t always view therapy as a medical necessity. If you contracts with a Blue Cross / Blue Shield company, you need to understand how you can use PPO insurance to pay for the full range of necessary addiction treatments.

The Benefits of Inpatient Drug Rehab

bluecros blueshield may be an insurance provider accepted at recovery first treatment centerMost insurance plans will at least cover detox procedures, but hardcore drug addicts will typically need to attend intensive inpatient programs to stay clean. Although detoxification weans people of their physical drug dependencies, there is no permanent cure for addiction. Effectively managing lifelong cravings is the most important aspect of recovery.

Inpatient rehab helps by requiring addicts to live at their clinics while they receive treatments. Most programs last about one month, but some addicts will stay for up to ninety days before they reintegrate into society. Their recoveries essentially become their fulltime jobs, and they spend over fifty hours each week attending counseling sessions, classes, and other therapies designed to produce crucial lifestyle changes.

Diversity in Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance

To learn more about your potential coverage, you’ll need to understand the specifics of your Blue Cross / Blue Shield carrier. Although BCBS is known throughout the country, there are actually thirty-nine different companies which operate under the brand name. These companies provide insurance to wide variety of people, and they are all subject to the restrictions and regulations of their specific home states. Addicts who are insured through their employers will also tend to have different options from those who contract individually.

The Advantages of PPO Insurance

If you already have Preferred Provider Insurance, then you may be able to choose from a wide variety of rehab clinics and addiction specialists. PPO contracts are among the most expensive, but they offer the largest provider networks and are the most flexible when it comes to getting out-of-network care. Even if there aren’t any reputable clinics within your preferred network, you may still be able to get up to seventy percent of the costs covered.

Overall, Blue Cross / Blue Shield PPO insurance for rehab can be a lifesaver for people who need inpatient care. More restrictive plans – especially those purchased by employers – are known to cover only a few days of in-house treatment. Living at rehab clinics is expensive, and avoiding out-of-pocket costs is the only way for some addicts to afford it.

Questions to Ask Your Agent

Coverage for rehab varies between different companies and locales, but even BCBS PPO customers in the same state can have completely different contracts. Here are a few specific questions you’ll want to ask your insurance agent:

  • What rehab clinics operate within your network?
  • Do you qualify for coverage for detox, outpatient treatment, inpatient care, or a combination of the three?
  • Will you have to pay upfront and seek reimbursement – or will your provider cover the costs from the outset of your treatment program?
  • If you get insurance for rehab, what will your deductible be?
  • Can you get coverage for co-occurring disorders and the ongoing physical repercussions of drug use?
  • Does your state mandate that your PPO provide a certain amount of out-of-network coverage?

Verify Your Benefits Today

Getting Blue Cross / Blue Shield PPO insurance for rehab can seem impossibly complicated, but there are plenty of resources to help. Fill out the insurance verification form to below to find out if you quality for coverage. Don’t let the complications of the healthcare system get in the way of the treatments you need.

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