Traveling Out of State for Rehab

Benefits of Traveling Out of State for Rehab

Making the choice to enter rehab is one of the most difficult and brave decisions someone can make. Not only does it involve facing some uncomfortable truths, entering drug or alcohol treatment means you’ve decided to put in some hard work to make a positive change in your life.

With such a radical change taking place, it may seem counter-intuitive to throw a change of scenery into the mix. However, there are several benefits to going to rehab in another state.

Benefits of Choosing a Rehab Center in a Different State

Here are some of the advantages to going to rehab in another state:

  • It means you’ll have to be fully committed. You might be more tempted to quit early if you’re in a rehab facility close to your home.
  • It allows you to temporarily escape some of the negative triggers surrounding you. A geographical change is no permanent solution to addiction but temporarily removing distractions may help you clear your mind, center, and focus on your recovery.
  • It gives you more options in searching for the right facility. Choosing the right program is important and expanding your search allows you to have more options available.

What to Expect from Out-of-State Rehab

Traveling to another state for rehab is a very common practice, so many facilities—for example, Greenhouse Treatment Center—have taken much of the uncertainty and headache out of the equation by helping coordinate travel if needed and arranging for a driver to pick you up at the airport.

Knowing what to expect when you arrive at the facility may make the process seem less daunting.

Upon arrival, you’ll typically meet with an intake director or therapist as well as nursing staff who will map out a treatment plan, check you in, and perform a medical evaluation before you start treatment.

The appropriate treatment plan will vary based on your individual needs, but often it begins with medical detox, followed by rehabilitation, followed by entry into an aftercare program (such as sober-living or a peer support program).

Selecting the Right Out-of-State Rehab Center

There are many factors to consider when choosing a rehab center. These include:

  • The treatment levels and types of therapy Addiction treatment is a highly individualized process, but there are evidence-based approaches that have been proven effective in treating many different demographics.
  • Whether the facility can treat co-occurring disorders. Co-occurring disorders with addiction are incredibly common. It is crucial in these instances that treatment takes a comprehensive approach and treats these conditions and addiction simultaneously.
  • The amenities or recreational activities offered at the facility. You may as well be as comfortable as possible when undergoing treatment.
  • Whether you’re able to use your insurance to pay for rehab at the facility. Unfortunately, cost is a determining factor in many instances. However, the facility may have options that make it more affordable to pay for rehab.

Does Out-of-State Rehab Cost More?

Generally, it doesn’t cost any more to attend a rehab facility in another state, aside from the obvious added costs of transportation to and from the facility.

As mentioned above, you should check if your insurance covers treatment at the facility in question, as this makes rehab much less expensive. If you lack insurance or are convinced that a specific out-of-state rehab center is right for you, you can look into payment options offered at the facility.

If you or a loved one is considering addiction treatment, please reach out to an admissions navigator at to learn about the care and treatment options provided at Greenhouse Treatment Center.

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