Choosing the Right Inpatient Drug Treatment Program

Choosing the right inpatient drug treatment facility is a vital concern for addicts seeking help. Inpatient rehab is the most effective type of treatment program for most people, but not all clinics are created equal. Addiction affects people in a variety of ways, and even reputable rehab facilities have their advantages and disadvantages for different patients. In order to get the best care possible, it is crucial that addicts make careful and informed decisions about the inpatient drug treatment clinics they attend.

Look for Accreditation

Accreditation is the first thing addicts should look for in their potential clinics. At the state level, departments which oversee healthcare and family services will typically give seals of approval to reputable facilities and addiction specialists. An organization called the Joint Commissions provides nationwide accreditation, as well. Except for brand new clinics, facilities which haven’t received these accreditations are typically dishonest or ineffective.

The Use of Evidence-Based Therapies

The most proven and widely-used addiction treatments are called evidence-based therapies. They have been repeatedly tested over the last several decades, and they have proven time and again to produce the highest likelihoods of long-term sobriety in patients. The most common evidence-based therapies are individual, group-based, and family counseling services which help addicts address the underlying personal causes of their drug problems. Reputable clinics will almost always make these therapies the mainstays of their treatment programs.

Unique Facilities for Unique Needs

Many addicts have unique needs that require the services of special rehab clinics. For instance, pregnant women should attend programs which offer gynecological care, daycare for newborns, and parental counseling. Teens may need to go to special boarding schools for troubled adolescents. There are even some clinics which cater to the needs of elderly people addicted to alcohol, prescription drugs, and marijuana.

Finding Helpful Counselors

Human beings have a wide range of personalities, and it is important for addicts to find counselors who can really understand them. Just as mentally ill people might see several therapists before they find one who can truly help, rehab patients should look for addition counselors who can connect with them on a personal level. This may require addicts or their loved ones to investigate several facilities before they make their final decisions.

Proper Detox Facilities

Weaning addicts off of drugs is a crucial first step for inpatient drug treatment, but detox isn’t always a simple process of deprivation. Addicts who suffer from mental illnesses, cancer, or other co-occurring conditions may require special medications or oversight from physicians. People addicted to opiates may also need methadone, suboxone, or other powerful drugs to mitigate withdrawal symptoms and gradually reduce their dependencies. Overall, it is essential for some addicts to make sure their rehab facilities provide these services in-house or at nearby detox clinics.

Religious Concerns

Many rehab facilities focus on faith-based treatment, and some addicts might want to make sure they won’t encounter any religious conflicts. Clinics which include Christian ideas of God and salvation into their therapies may alienate Jews and Muslims, for instance. Religious addicts may also keep Kosher, Halal, or other special diets which their clinics will need to honor.

If you’re struggling with a severe dependency on drugs or alcohol, then an inpatient program may be just what you need to get your life back together. Call the number at the top of your screen for a toll-free consultation. Our dedicated addiction specialists are standing by day and night to set up an inpatient drug treatment plan that will put you back in control.

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