Treating Krokodil Addiction with Drug Rehab in Florida

Krokodil is one of the most dangerous substances abused by those who attend drug rehab in Florida – as well as the rest of the world. Especially popular in Germany, Russia, and other former Soviet states, Krokodil is a type of makeshift heroin which is far more powerful and toxic than other opiates. Because of its harmful potential, it can become an extreme hazard in any community. In order to prevent even higher rates of addiction and drug-related death, people in the United States need to become more familiar with the dangers and treatments for Krokodil.

What to Know about Krokodil

Krokodil is the common name for a synthetic opiate called desomorphine. Invented by American scientists in 1932, it was originally intended as a far stronger alternative to morphine in treating hospital patients and wound survivors. For a short time, it was also used in Switzerland to treat people experiencing extreme nausea.

Today, opiate addicts use Krokodil as a cheaper and more easily-accessible alternative to heroin. In a process similar to the manufacture of methamphetamines, it can be produced from a mixture of cocaine, phosphorous, iodine, and codeine. Many of these chemicals can be found in common painkillers, lighter fluids, and cleaning products.

Along with a few other products for heating, mixing, and extracting, people can produce Krokodil for less than a tenth of the price of buying heroin. However, these makeshift products are highly contaminated with the other chemicals present in the original ingredients. The drug often gives users’ skin a yellowish and scaly appearance, and its street name actually translates to “crocodile” in Russian.

As with other homemade drugs, Krokodil carries a variety of other physical dangers. Effects include:

*Abscesses at missed injection sites
*Full-body sores and blisters
*Peeling flesh and exposed bones
*Gangrene and eventual limb amputation

Krokodil is most popular in Russia, which has more heroin addicts than any other country. That doesn’t mean that it will never come to the United States, however. The prevalence of methamphetamines shows that addicts all over the world will use deadly, contaminated substances when they can’t afford purer drugs. If Krokodil becomes more popular in America, it could devastate entire communities.

Necessary Treatments

Since it’s every bit as addictive as heroin itself, anyone who gets treatment for Krokodil addiction will need to detox. Most opiates produce severe withdrawal symptoms, so addicts may need to undergo special procedures as well. Some people choose to use “rapid detox,” which allows sedated patients to get through withdrawal in a matter of hours. However, this method has dangers of its own, and it costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Other opiate addicts are able to gradually detox with methadone maintenance treatment. Methadone is an opiate itself, but it is known to have less intoxicating effects than heroin or desomorphine. Although it may actually be more habit-forming in cases of abuse, many people have found that small doses of methadone allowed them to reduce their dependencies on other drugs.

Whatever detox method Krokodil addicts use, they will also need to attend additional therapies to have the best chances at staying clean. For severely addicted people, inpatient drug rehab is usually the best choice. Recovery becomes a full-time job for inpatients, and they often live at their clinics for three months or longer. The result of such involved therapy is that addicts are able to make permanent changes to their most negative thoughts and behaviors. Detox can suppress cravings, but sobriety requires a special skill set for managing them in the long term.

If you’re struggling with addiction to any drug, you need to get help right now. Addiction can quickly consume your life, but it’s not too late to recover. Call the number above for a toll-free consultation, and learn how our inpatient drug rehab in Hollywood, Florida can help you take back control.

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