Drug Addiction Treatment for Couples

Drug addiction treatment is the only way for couples struggling with drugs or alcohol to foster happy and healthy relationships. Whether one or both parties use drugs, each person’s participation in drug addiction treatment is crucial for them to get the most out of their relationship – as well as their individual lives. Addiction can devastate romances with financial problems, emotional instability, and even physical abuse. Here are a few of the most important considerations for couples that need drug addiction treatment.

drug addiction treatment for couples

Reasons to Get Help

The drug use of one person can harm both members of a couple. Addicts often hurt their significant others by squandering shared money on drugs, becoming verbally abusive when confronted about their problems, and even by inflicting physical harm when intoxicated. They are equally affected by the emotional trauma their behaviors cause, and their partners’ responses may even enable their addictions. It is common for people to give tacit approval to their partners’ drug habits out of fear of confrontation or break-up.

Specialized Therapy for Couples

Most drug addiction treatment clinics offer special therapies for couples. Non-addicted spouses and significant others are frequently invited to attend patients’ counseling sessions. These are the most important people in many addicts’ lives, and their emotional support can be invaluable for making consistent progress.

However, therapists will also directly engage the spouses during therapy. They may help them to alter enabling behaviors, or they may discuss ways to maintain homes conducive to stress-relief and sober living. A happy home life is one of the most important aspects of addiction recovery, and the people that live with addicts always play crucial roles.

Addiction can devastate your relationships.

Changing Relationships after Rehab

Addiction recovery is a lifelong effort, and damaged relationships are usually far from fixed after an addict completes rehab. Recovering addicts who continue their pre-treatment relationships need unwavering support from their partners. However, many couples actually break up after rehab. The addicted members may need time apart from the stresses and distractions of romantic life to focus on their recovery efforts and continued therapies. In fact, most single addicts are advised to stay that way for at least a year after treatment.

Co-Addicted Couples

Couples often suffer from addiction together. They may form their relationships on the basis of shared addictions, or they may develop them later on. In either case, sharing a drug habit can make it extremely difficult for either party to get clean. The presence and influence of other addicts is one of the most common causes of relapse in rehab patients – single or otherwise. The only way for either member of a co-addicted couple to achieve sobriety is for both parties to seek clinical drug addiction treatment.

When Only One Party Seeks Treatment

In some cases, one person will seek treatment while the other continues active drug use. Unfortunately, their therapies will be compromised from the beginning without the support of their partners. Even if they do successfully complete their rehab programs, their lives rarely turn out the way they would like. It is nearly impossible for a recovering addict to remain sober in a drug-filled home, and these recovering addicts typically either end their relationships and move on – or quickly relapse.

If you or your significant other has a drug problem, call the number at the top of your screen now for a toll-free consultation. No matter how dire your situation seems, there is hope. A personalized drug addiction treatment program can help and your partner fight cravings, sort out your problems, and stay sober for life. Call us now.

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