Celebrity Drug Rehab Centers

In light of the pain and anguish that is associated with drug abuse, addiction and alcoholism, America’s fascination with celebrity drug rehab centers is somewhat morbid – and at the very least unproductive. Televisions shows, reality series and movies that feature famous and influential people struggling through addiction have become exceedingly popular, but the trouble is that these programs are not based in reality. Most people are unaware that these types of programs are not accurate depictions of life in a traditional rehab center – the very centers that most people would attend if they had an addiction problem. Knowing the differences can help a person make a critical decision about the type of treatment they want for them – or for someone they care about.

Celebrities and Addiction

Thousands of celebrities and famous people have struggled with addiction or alcoholism. In fact, a powerful and lengthy entry in Wikipedia lists hundreds of notable people who have actually died from drug-related overdoses, complications or suicides. Recent deaths in this listing include: Ken Caminiti, Truman Capote, Abbie Hoffman, Heath Ledger, Anna Nicole Smith, Billy Mays, Brittany Murphy, River Phoenix and Ike Tuner. (1) Singer Amy Winehouse also died of a drug overdose the day before this article was published. Meanwhile, shows like Celebrity Rehab feature the treatment cycles of celebrities like Daniel Baldwin, Gary Busey, Rodney King, Dennis Rodman and Dwight Gooden, among many others. (2)

Celebrity Rehab Centers

In the last two decades a new type of drug treatment center has evolved – these are referred to as celebrity rehab centers, and they are frequented by famous politicians, actors, singers, producers and others like those described above. Celebrity rehabs focus on providing exceptional accommodations coupled with security and anonymity. However, the accommodations and treatment methods employed in these facilities have been questioned by many well-established addiction experts. Many of the therapies used by these centers have been called recreational by some: adventure therapy, hypnosis, equine therapy, surfing therapy, luxury saunas, psychodrama, art therapy, yoga and many other “celebrity treatments” that are not found at traditional treatment centers.

Traditional therapies such as group, family and individual therapy are utilized without the intense focus found at treatment centers for everyday people like Recovery First’s Florida Drug Rehab. Instead, the vacation aspect of celebrity rehab is focused upon far too heavily, detracting from the true rehabilitation process. In fact, in regard to Dr. Drew’s methods of substance abuse treatment on the show Celebrity Rehab, clinical psychologist and noted addiction expert Jeffrey Foote is said to have stated that “The velvet-glove confrontational stuff does is what works for TV, but it’s not what works for patients.”, and “The dramatic confrontations seen on the show are actually more likely to drive less-severe substance abusers, who are by far the majority, away from seeking treatment.” (3)

Ultimately, celebrity drug rehab centers could actually be preventing regular people from getting the life-saving help that they need.

True addiction treatment focuses on evidenced-based practices, reality-based treatment and Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome. Without intense treatment in these areas, many people will be doomed to a life of substance abuse, drug addiction and alcoholism. It doesn’t matter how famous you are or how much money you have: anyone can become addicted, and once addicted they’ll need help to get clean. To get real treatment for real people, pick up the phone right now. We are one of the country’s most successful drug rehab centers, and we place our primary focus on treatment – not vacation accommodations. If you’re ready to turn your life around, we’re ready to get you there.

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