What to do with your Pets during Drug Rehab

Deciding what to do with your pet while you’re in rehab is a bigger obstacle than you might think. Few rehab centers allow pets because of safety and liability issues, allergies, licensing requirements, etc. The ones that do allow pets obviously realize how important a pet can be in terms of owner attachment and they probably have the room and facilities for it. If you’re successful in finding a rehab center that takes pets, that’s great. However, do not put off going into Drug rehab until you find a facility that takes pets. That’s just another excuse not to go into treatment. Here are some options for taking care of your pet while you’re away getting treatment for addiction or alcoholism.

Boarding Facility

Often, a drug rehab center can recommend a local pet boarding facility. If not, finding one on your own is an option. They are used to caring for pets for extended periods of time so get some recommendations on a good one to use.

Pet Sitting

If you have a pet like a cat, fish, turtle, etc., that can stay at home with minimal care, you might hire a pet sitting service. For a fee, they will come in however many times a day, week or month you want them to. They will perform any task including feeding the pet, grooming it, taking it outside, changing the litter box, playing with it and buying food for it.

Local Help

You can ask a friend or family member to help you out for the duration of your time in rehab (average stay is about 28 days). This individual can perform the same chores as a professional pet sitting service. The difference might be that because you know him/her, extra special care will be provided for your pets. They also might do it for nothing or a lower rate than a pet sitter would. It certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. Often, family members and friends like to be of service in a loved one’s time of need.

Care by Another in their Home

Another option is to have your pet cared for in the comfort of the home of someone else. You might know someone who would like a companion for a current pet or be glad for the company if they do not have a pet.

If you select someone to come to your home or send the animal to a friend’s house, make sure you provide written instructions for caring for your pet. Have on hand or provide the funds to buy enough food and other pet items to ensure that your pet can be cared for until you return home. In fact, provide enough food and accessories for a week longer than your anticipated stay. Some people find they need more time at a rehab facility.

Pets are part of the family for many people, so finding care for them while you take back control of your life is generally not that difficult. If you need to get treatment but are having issues with pet care, transportation or legal problems, call the number at the top of your screen now for an immediate, free consultation. With can help you arrange things so that you can get the treatment you need, but we can’t do anything if you don’t call.

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