Recovery First Testimonial

I googled Rehab/Beach. I figured if I was going to go to a treatment center again,22nd one, I wanted to go somewhere nice. I clicked on “Recovery First.” I knew l needed help, but l wasn’t willing to make the call. l emailed Recovery First. Within ten minutes l got a phone call from Davis. Jim stayed on the phone with me for about an hour. He listened to me. He made me feel like l was important. Later that day, August 9th, 2009, l was on a plane leaving my small town in Virginia and heading to detox. On August 15th, 2009, l stepped onto the campus of Recovery First. l was met with love. From the community, from the tech staff, from the administrators. Love. l started crying as soon as I got there. I knew something in my life was going to be different. Everything that was asked of me, I did. “Do extra writing assignments,” I said “ok.” “Move into Animal House,” I said “ok.” “Go to a halfway house,” I said “ok.” Recovery First showed me the tools I needed to stay clean/sober, it was just up to me to apply them once I left.

I completed the IOP program and became highly involved with service work­ l got a sponsor, worked the steps, and before l knew it, a year had gone by. Every Sunday evening for that first year, I brought a speaker into Recovery First. l had moved out of halfway and into my own place. My life was getting a little better every day. l still didn’t have a driver’s license, and l still wasn’t paying all of my bills, but l was sleeping at night and l wasn’t ashamed of myself when l laid my head down.

Next week I will have 3 years clean/sober. My life is amazing. I now work in the treatment community. Next month I start school for my CAS. I drive a car that I paid for. I’m completely self supporting. I live in a nice two bedroom apartment so my mom has a room of her own when she comes to visit. Last Christmas I took her to my office Christmas party. In April I took my father to Wrestle Mania, and the next night I took my sister to a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert. When I arrived at Recovery First, no one in my family was speaking to me. Recovery First is where my journey began. I know for certain that I would not be where l am today if I hadn’t that phone call from Jim Davis…

You aren't alone. You deserve to get help.
Recovery First is located in Hollywood, Florida, which is easily accessible from Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. Our small groups means you get more one-on-one support and make stronger connections with the community. Take the next step toward recovery: learn more about our addiction treatment programs near Florida's Atlantic coast or learn about how rehab is affordable for everyone.