Too Much Pain Medication

Pain Medication Hotline 1-800-706-9190Medical doctors are writing millions of prescriptions for pain medication. Drugs such as Vicodin and Percocet are some of the most powerful painkillers. These medications are being distributed to help with chronic pain from back aches, headaches and other injuries or inflammations.

The problem is the rapid explosive growth if painkiller medication is causing an alarming number of drug addicts. Often the patient is not even aware that they are slowly being converted to someone who is dependent on medication to get through the day.

Most people think that since the medication is prescribed, there is little or no risk involved. Doctors are quick to prescribe Opoids which have the same addiction traits as heroin. Very little thought is being put into long term alternatives to drugs and the end result is painkillers destroy more lives than cocaine and heroin combined. That is not including the personal damage that is caused by child neglect, unemployment t or dissolving relationships.

Instead of directly treating and managing long term pain in an effective manner, legions of drug dependent patients are being created. The patients have little knowledge or awareness about the metamorphosis that occurs both mentally and physically once the pain medication is taken.

Opoids are available in pills, liquids or sucking candy. Shots, patches and suppository forms are also available.

Some Opoids are:

• Fentanyl
• Hydrocodone
• Hydromorphone
• Morphine
• Oxycodone
• Duragesic
• Norco, Vicodin
• Dilaudid, Exalgo
• Astramorph, Avinza
• OxyContin, Percocet

Most people think that since a doctor is providing the medication it is safe. The mindset is prescription drugs are legal when prescribed and it is ok. But doctors and clinicians need to do more to educate the public.

Every patient must ask their doctor “Is my medication addictive?” A patient should ask if any long term solutions are available because most pain medication does not treat the cause of the pain. It just masks the pain and the underlying cause of the pain.

Several options are available for someone who is addicted to pain medication. Drug detox and Inpatient Treatment are available.

If you are someone you love is suffering from pain medication addiction, call 1-800-706-9190 for a free consultation regarding your options. Recovery First, Inc is here to help and provide guidance.

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