Treatment for Non-Drug Addictions

Obsessions, compulsions, and other behavioral problems can easily lead to severe drug addiction. In fact, most of the people who attend Florida inpatient treatment for substance abuse struggle with other destructive habits. Identifying, mitigating, and avoiding these behaviors is one of the most crucial aspects of recovery. In order to help those most in need, addicts and non-addicts alike should understand the nature of non-drug addictions.

Addictive Behaviors

Many behaviors are labeled as “addictions.” In most cases, laypeople misuse the word to describe their affinities for their favorite music, their hobbies, or certain foods. However, some actions are truly addictive in that they lead to psychological dependencies. The most common addictive behaviors include:

  • Work: People with perfectionist, “Type A” personalities are especially susceptible to work addiction. They not only apply intense focus while on the job – they can never stop thinking about work. This obsession can ultimately cause depression, social isolation, and family problems.
  • Sex: This addiction causes people to engage in extremely dangerous or emotionally destructive sexual behaviors. Sex addicts will often feel shame and guilt, and they almost always suffer from depression and low self-esteem. Promiscuity and unprotected sex can also lead to the contraction of HIV, Hepatitis, and other blood-borne diseases.
  • Gambling: Some people – especially those with high-risk personalities – cannot control their impulses to gamble. They revel in their victories while ignoring their losses, and they make incredibly irrational decisions during games. True addicts will also want gamble at any time in any mood – happy, depressed, frustrated, or even angry.
  • Romance: Different from pure sex addiction, obsession with romance causes people to seek out and latch onto dependent relationships. Love addicts idolize their partners, and they suffer from deep depression after conflicts and breakups.

Effects on Substance Abuse

All of these behavioral addictions can lead to massive substance abuse and severe chemical dependency. For example, work addicts are known to abuse alcohol and prescription drugs. They feel the need to self-medicate as their constant toil destroys their personal relationships and mental health. Sex and romance addicts also use legal and illegal substances to cope with severe depression.

It’s sometimes difficult to discern whether someone with these problems has also developed a drug addiction. Drug addicts usually exhibit out-of-control behavior – but so do people who behave obsessively. A few tell-tale signs of chemical dependency include:

  • Physical drug cravings
  • Using when depressed or anxious
  • Reckless behaviors to obtain or use drugs
  • Memory loss
  • Cognitive Impairment
  • Short-term withdrawal symptoms

Treating Mental Illness

A majority of people who seek treatment for substance abuse also suffer from at least one mental illness. Depression, anxiety, and other co-occurring conditions contribute to both behavioral and chemical addictions – and treating them is paramount to long-term sobriety.

Fortunately, Florida rehab clinics offer integrated care – the simultaneous treatment of mental disorders and drug addiction. Trained counselors identify these problems as soon as possible, and patients gain access to the therapies and medications they need.

Addiction is a complex and devastating disease. If you’re struggling, call the number at the top of your screen. Our dedicated counselors are standing by right now to answer your questions and talk to you about Florida inpatient treatment. There’s no time to waste, so make the call today.

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