What To Do When You Finish Addiction Treatment 

Too often, we tend to think of sobriety as simply an achievement and not a life-long commitment. Many people require detox and rehabilitation treatment to withdraw safely and learn the skills to overcome obstacles that threaten their sobriety. But after successfully completing treatment either in a residential or outpatient setting, what comes next? 

Re-Entering Society 

No one thinks detox or rehab is easy, and the importance of taking that step cannot be overstated for many people that struggle with substance use disorder. However, people in rehab are generally confined to an environment that is conducive to sobrietyrejoining the world after rehab is full of challenges and temptations that can be a difficult adjustment.

It’s important for people in recovery to apply the techniques they learned through therapy to recognize and overcome the triggers that make them want to drink or use drugsEqually as important—and often overlooked—is the importance of building a strong social network that will support and nurture someone’s sobriety. This may look different for different people. For example, some people may have a supporting family and friend group to return to, while others may need to build a new social network from scratch 

Fortunately, effective treatment centers are well-aware of this fact, and most will try to foster interest in and facilitate sober social activities and recreational hobbies that can be shared with supportive, likeminded people 

Aftercare is Crucial 

After completing an intensive rehabilitation program, some people may fare better by “stepping down” into an environment that offers more freedom, but is still very attuned to nurturing sobriety. Sober-living facilities provide such an environment: Former patients enjoy access to the outside world, yet still receive counseling and are surrounded by peers that become invested in their recovery. 

Others may prefer to return home immediately after completing treatment, while attending counseling or 12-step meetings. For many people in recovery, this is something they continue for the rest of their lives. 

What is right for a patient may vary depending on their unique needs. The important thing is that they maintain focus on their sobriety and surround themselves with caring, supportive people. 

Aftercare Planning at Recovery First 

In addition to the excellent rehabilitation care provided by Recovery First Treatment Center in Hollywood, Florida, patients get access to the Alumni App, which allows them to remain in contact with their peers in recover, stay in-the-loop about upcoming sober events and meetings, mark your recovery milestones, and more. 

Alumni living in the Hollywood area are also encouraged to attend weekly morning or evening meetings and monthly events hosted by the facility. 

If you are considering drug or alcohol treatment, please reach out to an admissions navigator at . They can answer questions about Recovery First and other American Addiction Centers’ AAC facilities and help get you the care you need. 

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