Keeping your Job with Compsych Insurance for Rehab

Given the alarming rates of addiction in the modern American office, Compsych insurance for rehab is more important than ever for working professionals. Thankfully, most employers now provide a wide array of health insurance benefits for their employees. Taking advantage of these benefits isn’t just important for addiction recovery – it can be essential for addicted workers to keep their jobs. If you’re an addict with a Compsych insurance contract, you need to know as much as possible about how to get rehab coverage and save your career.

Drugs, Job Loss, and Health Insurance

Doctors now recognize addiction as a legitimate medical condition, and people can’t usually get fired for their drug problems alone. However, most addicts exhibit drastically decreased job performances. Even if they don’t get high at work, their physical needs for drugs can easily disrupt their productivity. The mental effects of addiction can also cause people to act inappropriately at work, giving their bosses legitimate reasons to fire them.

Losing a job to addiction doesn’t just bring financial consequences. Since so many people get their healthcare through their employers, getting fired may lead to the expiration or termination of insurance contracts. When this happens, the often-difficult process of finding coverage for rehab can become next to impossible. Losing insurance can also be devastating for children and spouses who depend on addicts’ healthcare benefits.

The Prevalence of Workplace Addiction

Ironically, the rapidly-rising rates of workplace drug abuse can actually help some addicts. Most executives and human resources departments deal with a variety of addiction-related issues, and they often have plans in place for employees with drug problems. In fact, some bosses will even refer their workers to certain rehab clinics within their Compsych networks.

Overall, it is crucial for addicts to be honest with their employers about their drug problems. There are safeguards in place to prevent them from getting fired, but failure to disclose their habits can prevent them from getting the treatments they need.

Paying for Rehab with Compsych Insurance for Rehab

There are a variety of ways for people with employer-provided Compsych insurance to get treatment for rehab. Most individuals and groups contract with either health maintenance organizations or preferred provider organizations. HMOs offer fewer options, but they also feature lower co-pays and deductibles – perfect for people willing to compromise to save money. On the other hand, PPOs involve higher out-of-pocket costs but tend to cover a much broader range of treatments. This flexibility often works best for addicts, since rehab is a relatively small subsection of the overall healthcare market.

Mental Health Benefits

In addition to addiction, most medical professionals now recognize the severity of mental illnesses. Because of the crippling natures of depression, anxiety, and behavioral compulsions, many employers have begun to offer increased coverage for mental health problems.

This coverage is especially crucial for addicts with co-occurring disorders. The modern workplace has become extremely stressful, and people’s mental problems often contribute to their drug habits. Companies’ mental health policies can allow employees to get the long-term psychotherapies they need to change their habits and stay sober for good.

Utilizing Compsych insurance for rehab can be a little complicated, but you can easily get help right now. To find out more about the coverage and payment options available to you, fill out the insurance verification form to the right of this page. We’ll help you get the treatment you need to get on with your life.