Recovery First Hollywood, Florida Facility: Features and Amenities

We want you to be as comfortable as possible while you’re with us for detox and residential treatment. We have done everything we can to make our Hollywood facility welcoming and restorative.

Highlights of our Detox Program

Recently renovated grounds – We’ve recently performed complete renovations on our Hollywood campus, including new paint, new flooring, new décor, and even new beds. You won’t feel like you’re in a hospital but rather like you’re staying at a guest room at a friend’s house.

Dual occupancy – Occupancy in our detox rooms is limited to two people.

Private bathroom – Each room in detox has its own bathroom, meaning you’ll share it with only one roommate.

EarlySense beds – Specifically designed for detox patients, our EarlySense beds constantly monitor your vital signs to make sure you’re doing well. If the bed notices your heart rate spike or breathing rate drop, it will alert a staff nurse who will come and check on you.

Serenity biofeedback bed – Also available to detox patients is the Serenity biofeedback bed. This specialized treatment uses guided imagery to help you achieve deep relaxation.

Covered smoking patio – You’re already giving up a lot in rehab; we won’t force you to give up smoking. To accommodate your needs, we provide a covered outdoor smoking patio where you can sit on the shady benches.

Three catered meals a day – You have enough to worry about during detox – cooking shouldn’t be on the list. We provide three catered meals a day to keep you well-fed and nourished. If you get hungry between meals, numerous snacks are available in the kitchen.

Common area with television – Want to get out of your room and watch some TV? You can easily do so in our common area, located just next to the kitchen and nurses’ station.

Cell phone lockers – We’ve found that constant access to cell phones can distract patients from their recovery. We will keep yours safe in a locker until your free time each day.

Recreation group room – Recovery from addiction includes participating in healthy hobbies and activities that don’t involve substances. In our full recreation room, you’ll be able to play ping pong, air hockey, practice guitar, or simply relax.

Gym – Another part of recovery is healing your body. Our detox facility has a light gym with equipment like stationary bikes, ellipticals, exercise balls, kettlebells, and yoga mats.

Rehab Features

And when it’s time for you to head into residential rehab, you’ll enjoy the following amenities:

28-bed facility – This keeps group sizes small and intimate so you’ll get to know and connect with your peers.

Apartment-style living – Our residential apartments give you more freedom to live a normal lifestyle. Each apartment comes equipped with all the appliances and furniture you’ll need including a TV, fridge, couch, stove, and more.

Two- and three-bedroom occupancy – Our apartments have either two or three bedrooms, and we typically put two people in each room.

Covered smoking patio – You can smoke at your leisure outside at numerous picnic tables with umbrellas.

Outdoor barbecues – Feel like grilling up a steak for dinner? We provide several grills you can use to prepare food.

Updated gym – By the time you’re in residential rehab, you should feel stronger and healthier. At our gym you can hop on a treadmill, elliptical, or the rowing machine, or work on weight training to rebuild lost muscle. We also include yoga mats and props as well as a ping pong table for recreation.

Additionally, our intensive outpatient facility has undergone a renovation. All-new flooring, paint, and furniture create a welcoming and cozy atmosphere for your time in therapy.